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About Rae Holton the Artist and Instructor
From my earliest memories, there have been two things that have been a huge piece of my world and that I could not live without: nature and creating. I am an earthy being and have spent much time in and exploring nature and all of her magnificent creations. I am entranced by the rhythm and flow of plants and trees, ocean sand streams and all of the energetic elements of our earth.

I grew up in a family of craftsmen and was always eager to learn a new craft. Woodworking, sewing, knitting, ceramics, jewelry, and cooking were all in the curriculum. Once I reached high school, I branched out into photography, silk screening and sculpture. I always wanted to go beyond the pattern. I wanted to create my own pattern or idea of what a thing was to look like. The norm was boring to me. To sculpt a cat that looked like a cat was fine, but I wanted to create something interesting to look at-something unique with more depth.

My fascination with the patterns of energy is a result of the way I literally SEE the world. I see energy. I see the waves and curling wisps that flow through, around and off of everything in creation. The vein-like serpentine flow of atoms through what we perceive as matter. The heat wave-looking ripple that radiates from all of nature entrances me, as does the mist we part as we move through space, much like a car moving through smoke. The way the wind moves across the sky like the sea gently spreading across the sand, the energy residue of what and who people have been before overlaid in a transparent image in front of their faces, and the movement of atoms in the air that sometimes looks like gently falling snow and other times look like erratic zipping to and fro of fireflies all inspire me.

I have an innate desire to share my love of creating with others. My years of being a Kids' Ski School instructor at Wolf Creek Ski Area in Colorado, teaching after school and summer programs in Prescott, AZ, teaching Independent studies in art at Kestrel Charter High School in Prescott, AZ, and taking courses in teachers' education at Prescott College have strengthened my natural teaching ability with the tools necessary to be successful. There is nothing more gratifying than seeing the look on a student's face when they have created something they are proud of. It literally feeds my soul.

Dare to sculpt your dreams - come clay with me!
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